I am now embedding my Tumblr feed into my homepage. Below are my most recent entries, please click on the Blog link above to view all posts. Feel free to follow on Twitter as well. Follow hellopairs on Twitter Troy Turriate on Soundcloud Troy Turriate on Tumblr Troy Turriate on Facebook Email Troy

Welcome to the new website for Troy Turriate. I am a sound designer living in Tampa, FL. I specialize in audio for film, animation, gaming and broadcast media. Please visit my biography page for detailed information about my background and work. I am currently focusing on game audio for mobile platforms. Feel free to get in touch if you hear anything you like. I am always happy to work on new, exciting projects!

Some of the works on the sounds page are being actively revised and edited! Your best bet is to check out my latest work on my Soundcloud and Tumblr pages. They contain many snippets, sketches and completed segments of projects I am working on, most of which are quite varied.

My resume is available in PDF, ODT and DOC formats. Feel free to contact me if you would like a copy which also includes references. Also check the contacts page for various means to get a hold of me. The page for El Sastre is now up. Also, enjoy these links . Thanks for stopping in.