audio post production

  • Complete Sound Design for Games, Film, and Television
  • Original Sound Effects Creation
  • Dialogue Recording
  • Foley Performance and Recording
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Sample Editing and Asset Management
  • Pro Tools 8x, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Reaper

game audio

  • Complete Sound Design and Implementation
  • Original Effects, Voiceover, Music and Atmosphere
  • Middleware Scripting
  • Experience with FMOD, WWISE, XACT and UnrealEd
  • Experience with iPhone and Android Development
  • File Optimization for all platforms
  • Remote Asset Management and Team Experience
  • Pivotal Tracker and private webspace/FTP available

music composition and recording

  • Completely Original Score Composition
  • Classically trained composer able to accomodate any style
  • Cue creation for film or television
  • Extensive sample libraries for Music Creation and Soundtrack Ambience
  • EWQL Orchestra Gold, Colossus and Stormdrum for Film Scoring
  • Live Instrument and Vocal Recording
  • Complete film scoring abilites via Pro Tools and Sony Sound Forge
  • Mixed and Mastered final product